Friday, June 06, 2008

IBM's new 'human brain' supercomputer

Published by ITPro on 04/06/08
IBM says next week will see the release of a successor to the world's fastest supercomputer Blue Gene, which it claims will have the calculating capability of the average human brain. The Blue Gene/P will be capable of operating at 'petascale' speeds (one quadrillion operations per second). This a significant jump in processing power from the previous version, the Blue Gene/L which was 'only' capable of terascale speeds (one trillion operations per second).The news was announced by Nicholas M. Donofrio, IBM's soon to be retired executive vice president for Innovation and Technology, at IBM's first European Information on Demand conference in the Netherlands. He was making a speech on how innovation and the ability to transform invention into products, services, methods, processes and policies was a vital part of business in the past, present and future. Click for more...