Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Team Stellar wins the MoD Grand Challenge

Published by The Guardian on 19/08/2008

The Grand Challenge winner, announced today, was Team Stellar – a collaboration of small firms, researchers from Cranfield University and large industrial manufacturers. It beat off competition from 10 other teams whose creations included a swarm of quadropters (helicopters with four rotors), a scaled-down JCB lookalike and a mini flying saucer. The strange collection of craft were taking part in an ambitious competition to develop uncrewed surveillance vehicles that can help the military identify enemy positions in a town or city before sending in troops. The MoD earmarked £4.5m to stage the contest and develop the technologies for the battlefield. The teams competed over three days at Copehill Down, a mocked-up German village on Salisbury Plain that the army uses for training soldiers in house-to-house fighting. Click here for more...

[G.K Comment: What a challenge! It was such a great experience to be working with Team Stellar. Everybody worked incredibly hard, so it's a well deserved victory.]