Wednesday, December 16, 2009

IBM, EPFL & ETH to build 3D brain-density processors

Published by The Register on 14/12/09

"Boffins in Switzerland have warned that increasingly powerful computer processors are set to guzzle the entire world electricity supply by the year 2100. They say that only 3D myria-core chips can save the day." Click for more...

Is quantum computing the future of image processing?

Published by The Register on 15/12/09

"Google says it has developed a kind of quantum computer capable of identifying objects that appear in digital photos and videos. According to the company, the system outperforms the classical algorithms running across its current network of worldwide data centers. Hartmut Neven, Google technical lead manager for image recognition, recently unveiled the company's ongoing quantum computing work with a post to the company's research blog, saying he was due to demonstrate the technology at last week's Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Vancouver." Click for more...

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Google Goggles brings image processing to the masses

The recent release of Google Goggles brings sophisticated image processing algorithms to the masses for free. Just point your phone-camera onto something you are interested about and in no time you have all the information on your screen. Impressive! But how do they do it? The latest computer vision techniques can transform an image into a bag of words, which represent the main image features. This approach would make sense for Google because then they could use their normal search engine to index millions of images in no time. Just a guess! Anyway, enjoy the video below... it's a must see!