Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Google translates without understanding!

Published 15/05/07 By Bill Softky on "The Register"

After just a couple years of practice, Google can claim to produce the best computer-generated language translations in the world - in languages their boffin creators don't even understand.

Last summer, Google took top honors at a bake-off competition sponsored by the American agency NIST between machine-translation engines, besting IBM in English-Arabic and English-Chinese. The crazy part is that no one on the Google team even understands those languages.... the automatic-translation engines they constructed triumphed by sheer brute-force statistical extrapolation rather than "understanding". Click for more...

[G.K Comment: I urge every one of you to try and understand this article even if you are not a software engineer. Google has proven that the time when machines will become more intelligent than humans is not very far away.]

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