Monday, August 13, 2007

Published by David Cofer of

"I built this website to document the progress on my research into machine intelligence. Specifically, I am currently focused on building a computer simulation that behaves like a common, everyday insect using neural networks. Most researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) try to understand and replicate human thought and abilities. I believe this is a mistake. You must start small and work your way up the evolutionary ladder, not immediately start with the most complicated thing in the known universe. Insects seem pretty stupid when compared with humans, but they are capable of a variety of intelligent, adaptive behaviors in a very unpredictable environment. And that is something that no man made system is yet capable of emulating. Also, when you get groups of insects working together in a cooperative manner they are capable of almost miraculous accomplishments. Once we begin to understand how these tiny brains work to produce such incredible behaviors then we will be able to harness that power for useful purposes. " Click for more...

[G.K Comment: David Cofer takes the approach of simulating a relatively simple insect's brain and then following the evolutionary ladder to understand more complex brain formations. Although this could make sense for solving some other real life problems, I believe that understanding an insect's brain is far more difficult than understanding a human baby's brain! I mean it! The reason is that human beings are the most incapable living organisms the moment of their birth. We also take a long time before we can perform even the most basic tasks such as walking & talking. In my opinion, we can develop a functional brain that looks nothing like any existing organism, as long as it can sense its environment and gain knowledge about it without pre-programming.]

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