Friday, October 05, 2007

Theory of Brain Function, Quantum Mechanics and Superstrings

Published by D.V. Nanopoulos

"Theory of brain function, quantum mechanics, and superstrings are three fascinating topics, which at first look bear little, if any at all, relation to each other. Trying to put them together in a cohesive way, as described in this task, becomes a most demanding challenge and unique experience. The main thrust of the present work is to put forward a, maybe, foolhardy attempt at developing a new, general, but hopefully scientifically sound framework of Brain Dynamics, based upon some recent developments, both in (sub)neural science and in (non)critical string theory. I do understand that Microtubules are not considered by all neuroscientists, to put it politely, as the microsites of consciousnes." Click for more...
[G.K Comment: Interesting... but is it all true? More to follow...]

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