Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Future directions in computing

Published on 14/11/2007 by BBC

Silicon electronics are a staple of the computing industry, but researchers are now exploring other techniques to deliver powerful computers. Quantum computers are able to tackle complex problems. A quantum computer is a theoretical device that would make use of the properties of quantum mechanics, the realm of physics that deals with energy and matter at atomic scales. In a quantum computer data is not processed by electrons passing through transistors, as is the case in today's computers, but by caged atoms known as quantum bits or Qubits. "It is a new paradigm for computation," said Professor Artur Ekert of the University of Oxford. "It's doing computation differently." Click for more...

[G.K Comment: This article lists some new technologies that could potentially replace silicon in computers. They are all very exciting prospects that could have a positive effect on the way eBrains are designed in the future.]

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